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The Thoughts Of Black Men Inc.

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P.O Box 310908

Jamaica N.Y 11432

Tel : (347) 820-5655


To gather -Youths, Mothers & Fathers, Business owners, Entertainers, Athletes, & Elected officials. Promote the value of life develop teens and adults into peer leaders, to avoid becoming perpetrators or victims of violence. Providing youth’s with the tools and resources that promote critical thinking, establish adult leadership to bring about positive relationship in career practices for self-empowerment and personal accountability. 

Building partnerships between public and private sectors to respond collectively, collaboratively and holistically to the issue of youth violence, teen pregnancy, family development.  Create models for reducing violence, in restructuring economic system, educate in self-start business, that will provide stakeholders with the necessary skills and resources to effectively implement positive change within their own...


To demonstrate and teach individuals the importance goal incentives for the purpose of life changing benefits. To turn the equation around by opening and establishing rewarding successful programs with funding which could be done at a fraction of the cost of the social service opportunity youth will otherwise need, so we can further reduce the need for government spending over youth’s lifetimes and reduce the enormous cost to the tax payer.

About Us

Unified in purpose nationwide, we are an organized group concerned with disseminating factual and potentially life changing information to people of all walks of life, to effectuate better under- standing and decision making in a range of areas such as Education, Parenting & Family Planning, Careers & Employment, Business & Entrepreneurship, Civics & Personal Responsibility just to name a few…

The TBM Exec Board.

President- Kevin T. Coston.

Vice President-  Peter Wladarczyk.

Exec Secretary- Cheryl Epperson.

Chief Officer of Finance - Moise S. Lerebours.

Treasure- Kenneth Gooding.

Chief Exec Dir of Business:

Chief Marketing: Abdule

Advisory board- Jamie Sanders, Anthony Ford, Willie Alvin.

Code Of Ethics

TBM Inc.’s Code of Ethics:

Faith- The understanding of unquestioning belief.

Integrity- To be honest and make the right decisions.

Objectivity- To remain impartial, not making judgments on people, goals, values, ethnicity, or race.

Fairness- To not disclose conflicts of interest. To treat people with the same respect as which you would want to be treated.

Confidentiality- To ensure that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access.

Diligence- To service people in a prompt and thoughtful manner.

Competence- To maintain the highest level of knowledge and skill possible

Professionalism- To behave with dignity and courtesy while promoting and maintaining a quality public image through the provision of high quality service.  


To present life changing strategies -to student awareness, community affairs, family sessions to aid schools/ Parenthood in conflict resolution and decrease bullying incidences, rapes, poverty..

Present opportunities in film project to have our league player’s testimonials for (TV Reality Show) Counseling, self-start Business and Finance educational classes, Men’s Initiative program with the affiliation with The Thoughts of Black Men, Community Services, Education in Sports.

Demonstrate team ethnics to build results in true-life positive examples that will make a remarkable experience designed to make an impact on the culture within our homes, schools and communities.


The United Urban Basketball League “Basketball Games & Recruit Campaign”

An interactive Basketball series/business utilizing middle school to college aged players which utilize powers they received to be part of a new business basketball league called “The United Urban Basketball League” that will do fundraisers to restore community safety and direct direction in player to career goals.

Its arena will also have opportunities, educated based on the prevention of violence, dysfunctional family structure and all related matters dealing with the destruction of it’s community.

Through advertisement and other related events in the area of the community, The United Urban Basketball League will also take part in educational classes as a support system to further advance in carrier development, it will be responsible in employment, earn scholarship, and community service to support stop the violence events and promote awareness.

The United Urban Basketball League will build it platforms with nationwide relationships, along with Athletes, National know Artist through their “rap” and “song” lyrics to combat evil foes that are set out to destroy the gang violence, teen pregnancy, financial literacy.

Middle school/College students and elected basketball team nationwide are engaged through their active participation in “Basketball” at their own games while competing with other middle schools & Colleges across the county. The winning games are transformed into Pro ball events which will be broadcasted through sports TV Networks as well as through the Department of Education public service announcements and school video presentations.

United Urban Basketball League will partnership with based affiliated Job Core Development Training Centers and Institutions work nationwide through multiple public and private sector jobs development incentive programs and initiatives to train and route trained personnel from community college partnerships, workforce development partnerships, to staff our positions in all our areas of service to meet all program, and event needs.

Coaches, Marketer, Basketball trainers, Sports caster, Web designer, Public Speaker, Video producer, Accountant, Tour Bus, Team Benefits, Insurance, Events, Residents/Place, Uniforms, Promotional Packages, Vehicles, Referees, Schedule counseling, Carrier development. College Internship Program


Training/Workforce Development Component

National / Stop the Violance - Lean to get Paid Program:

The United Urban Basketball League & The Thoughts Of Black Men Inc, will create job monthly listings on its website, web pages, and local paper ads on summer youth job training programs, along with long and short term positions will be available.

This Lean to get Program- will provide high energy tours of Conferences, Community Summits,  designed to enhance carrier development for beginners in self business opportunities, along with partnership based affiliation with- Job Core Development ,Training Centers and Institutions work- nationwide through multiple public and private sector jobs development incentive programs and initiatives to train and route trained personnel from community college partnerships, workforce development partnerships, to staff our positions in all our areas of service to meet all program, and event needs.

Conference Initiative Programs pacifically recognized celebrity hosts will be selected to perform based on current popularity within target demographic audiences, educators and counselors  to present useful business guidance, informative strategies on transforming lifestyle behavior from environmentally noncontributory practices to eco-friendly practices at home, work, and play.

Participants are asked to campaign with us against gang violence and guns, weapons of mass destruction, gang clothing. We will also provide information to support them for their recovery in life changing challenges that we may collect for referrals.